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About me

Hi guys!

Thanks for stopping by! Before we begin our more or less long-term relationship, I would like to introduce myself, by the way, the length of our relationship depends on you!

I have always been interested in a bunch of things.  I mean, a lot!  Younger, I wanted to be an artist, a drawer, a singer (thanks God, this option have been withdrawn quickly for the sake of any potential public) an accountant, a lawyer… I was interested in books, drawing, photography, rocks, insects, embroidery, knitting…

Well, you get the pictures, growing up, I had to focus on a single field of study, (ideally, one that would bring enough income to allow me to pursue all my other passions/hobby) interestingly, my passions/hobby pool hadn’t decreased over time. 

I am now ultra passionate about makeup and beauty, a passion that has been around for the past 12 years.  I am seriously considering purchasing shares at Sephora, at least part of my money would come back! More recently, travels, crochet and photography have been added to the list.  Let’s not forget DIY and decoration. 

Oh, and I almost forgot, I am borderline shopaholic. Throughout this blog, I would like to share with you, different tips and tricks to get good at what you are interested, but also, how you can run multiple hobbies without breaking the bank (which sometimes is close to happening, let’s face it).  I will try to bring honest reviews of different products I use, places I have been and how I avoid bankruptcy. 

I don’t want to be another perfectly polished blog that will bring the guilt out of you and makes you wonder what is it you are doing wrong?  This is the type of questioning I go through when surfing around my favorite blogs.  What is wrong with me? how can they have designer bags, shoes, clothes, beautiful house (top clean by the way) perfect makeup and spending their days and night shopping and clubbing? 

Truth is, from my understanding, they do not have a 9 to 5 job, this is where I am trying to step out, showing how can a normal life can sometimes be fun to see.  And how can we, normal lady, stop drooling and envying those successful bloggers lives who expose their luck and wealth over the WWW.  

During the past year, my former boyfriend/now husband, got married, bought a very (VERY) simple house and went on a few trips together.  Our wedding was a very affordable, full of DIY, day.  Our house is not fully decorated yet (meaning that, over the next blog posts, you will likely be invited to my decorative mission) and we never travel first class.  Recently, we booked two additional trips to our 2018 schedule and my dad casually asked : “are you guys working from time to time?” The truth is, we barely do anything else! We both have regular 9 to 5 day jobs in regular offices with very limited vacation time (2 weeks for my husband, 3 for me).


Throughout our adventures together, you will see that I don’t do Yoga every morning, not only do I eat gluten, but also plenty of starch, fat and salt.  I am overweight, I train from time to time and enjoy a jogging here and there, but I couldn’t say no to chocolate to save my life.  I know, all the blogs are about eating healthy, staying fit, going to the gym, but what if life was about having fun? Maybe we can find a not-so-bad balance between chips and treadmill? How one is supposed to enjoy travels if it is to eat gluten free kale salad? I want to discover the world through local cuisine and neither southern fried chicken nor France tartiflette are on the top ten for healthy food, but you know what? I couldn’t care less! As long as I am healthy enough to stay clear of diabetes (which would eventually prevent me from eating chocolate) I am good with that!

Are you ready to accompany me on my « ordinary journey »?

As a side note, before you guys say anything, English is not my first language, and yes there might be (there are) mistake all across the different blog posts.  I try my best to keep it understandable and readable, I already fully master one language (my mother tongue),  I find it hard to get to this level of perfection in a second language.  Also, when I talk to English speaking people about my first language I always get this: “oh! I have done 1 year in 7th grade, I found it too difficult” so now that I am enough proficient in English to write an 800 words blog post, I find I went beyond most people’s efforts in mastering a second language!


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