Packing Makeup for a Cruise

Minimal makeup for the Fashionista

Our next trip is just around the corner and I am burst with excitement!  This will our second cruise, therefore, I am no expert, but we have been on so many trips, that I am pretty sure I know what I am talking about.

First and foremost, let’s get something clear.  There are types of girls when comes to pack makeup:
1st- The MINIMAL makeup, (I have nothing against you girl) these girls put on concealer, mascara and lip balm and call it a day.
2nd- The heiress.  These girls could bring an entire carry-on full of makeup, although my father is genuinely thinking that’s what I do, I try very hard to get rid of this high maintenance reputation.

Whenever  I am looking for makeup packing lists, I always come up to these two opposites, which don’t correspond to what I need really.  I thought I might not be the only one in this case and decided to go ahead and share my packing list along with my tips with you ladies which actually fall in between the 2 common situations.

Before getting into the real stuff, I want to point out that I typically don’t bring makeup when we go on vacations down south.  Incredible, I know, but it is so hot and humid in Cuba, Mexico, DR… that makeup just melts before I am at the restaurant.  However, on a cruise, all the interior sectors are highly air-conditioned (I bring a jacket because it is too cold) so my makeup is safe, plus there are typically 1 to 3 formal nights on the ship and it’s a nice occasion to dress-up and look like a cute couple.

What Shall I bring? 

I am a big Sephora customer, meaning that  I have multiple samples of different products.  I get these sample either when I make a purchase or these are part of the rewards program (100, 250 and 500 points gifts) whenever I get a new sample, 3 choices are available:
– Useless, throw it away
– Kind of cute, but not for me –> give it to someone else
– NICE, keep it for upcoming trips
Using sample size allows me to minimize the space as much as possible here, I have mini size for:
– Cream contour (tarte sculptor pencil)
– Cream highlighter (buxom)
– Powder blush (NARS)
– Bronzer (Bare Minerals)
– Hangover Primer (Too Faced)
– Powder highlighter (Laura Mercier)
– Selection of lipstick + gloss
– Mascara (Clinique)
– Kat Von D lock it powder
– Origins night mask
– Urban Decay prime potion

The entire list of Makeup

I bring my MUF foundation, since I am not constrained by any liquid rules, I take this one since it is slightly darker.  Typically, if I need to face the 3-1-1 rule, I will bring the Hourglass Stick Foundation, but this one is highly creamy and I don’t like it when going to very hot climates.

The Origins Mask is actually a sample size I got off the 500 points gift sometimes ago, I saved it specifically for a trip where I would be mainly under the sun.  Even with sunscreen, sometimes, you go a little bit overboard with the time spent under the sun and when the night comes, you will your face dehydrated, dry and itchy.  I thought I would give this one a chance to shine and sooth my skin at night.

I like the Lock It Powder from Kat Von D, I can use it to set my foundation and to bake if need be.

Again, since the liquids rule doesn’t apply to this trip, I bring what’s left of my Tarte Concealer I will typically bring a stick concealer if liquids are an issue, but I really hope I can empty this concealer on those 2 weeks.

I like to wear primer when the weather is hot, and the Hangover primer by Too Faced is not too sticky and smells like heaven! <3

The one thing I hate to compromise are eyeshadows, I will bring more choices than I need and for the past trips, I find myself very reasonable.  For the upcoming trip, I plan to bring my new love Soft Glam by ABH and the Fantascene from Marc Jacobs in an ultimate attempt to fall in love with it

I like to contour and I find that the cream contour does a better job, I have the small sample of the Park Ave Princess pencil from Tarte as well as a tiny cream sample from Buxom in a champagne Highlight color, I also use a light shimmer color from Laura to top it and add a little more intensity.
I also like to add a bit more color to my cheeks with a Bronzer  from Bare Minerals and a Blush in sample size from Nars.  There was a time were I would have brought like 3-4 blushes, a full size bronzer and 2-3 highlighters, think of what is really important for you, will you be REALLY wearing FULL makeup when spending the day at the beach/by the pool? You will more likely wear a full glam makeup at night only, for a couple hours. Don’t be that pr

I always bring a selection of lipstick, it doesn’t take much space and still can elevate your makeup if you wear a deep red or you can keep it simple and fresh with a light pink.  So I always have a handful of lipsticks and glosses, most of them in sample size.

A makeup look couldn’t be complete without mascara and khol. I bring a gray, black and brown eye pencil as well as black eyeliner, so if I am in the mood for a winged look, I can still do it.

A beauty blender is a must, you can do so many things with it and it takes virtually no space.

And that’s it! All these « essentials » still fit in a medium size bag and as we talk, I have not pack the final suitcase, but I am pretty confident I can manage to fit everything in a carry-on + personal item.