Fantascene Palette

Excitation over the Marc Jacobs EyeConic Fantascene Palette

Oh my goodness!


This girl hasn’t been excited this much in a long time (like 1 month).


Marc Jacob’s new rose gold limited edition was supposed to be released on April 24th.  Conveniently 1 day after Sephora’s Spring Sale.  I was saving what was left of my Sephora gift card my dad gave me for my birthday (this man knows me so well) specifically for the delightful new eyeconic palette.

On Instagram, on Saturday, Trendmood posted that MJ’s collection was available to VIB and VIB rouge.  My my! To be honest, my husband couldn’t really understand my excitement for such a trivial thing, but hey, a girl can have other loves than her husband right? I have been into rose gold before it was trendy, at that time, only jewelry was available in the coveted color.  I remember my first ring in rose gold (I think I was in high school), I was so forward thinking!

Since then, you can find pretty much anything in rose gold and although I don’t have the brand new Iphone or Macbook in rose gold, I take pride in my beats headphone, my davids tea mug, my Lamy Lx fountain pen and so on… #rosegoldEverything. To circle back to this beautiful piece of art Marc Jacobs offers us, I was never a fan of his eyeconic palette.  I have multiple palette and individual eye shadows, and I have always thought Eyeconic was to expensive for what you got out of it, like 7 shades? Obviously, I forgave the minimal number of shades since it offers gorgeous rose gold and copper tone in a none less gorgeous white packaging.

I have recently purchased the ABH soft glam palette and I have traveled with it to a business trip + vacation combo (workation you guys call?) although the ABH palette is a jewel in itself, I thought I was missing some matte rose/pink to build up on the dusty rose ABH has to offer.  Seeing the colors of Marc Jacobs totally filled my needs for such colors!  Plus, before moving further with the swatches, I must say that, in my opinion, MJ palette by its owns, severely lacks of a deep shadow,  it could have benefited from a warm grey, chocolate brown or deep plum (I must say, I love my smokey)  Since I have already planned to use it with Soft Glam, it doesn’t bother me to much, but I would never bring this sole palette on a trip due to its lack of flexibility.

So the Canadian retail price is 64$ for the eyeconic palette, I couldn’t get the bronzer because it was already out of stock, but nevertheless, this beauty was in my mailbox on Monday night and I thought I would share swatches and first impression with you.

Review and Swatches

Look at this luxury package!

Gorgeous color!
Not so much pigmentation…

The colors are gorgeous, don’t get me wrong and the pigmentation of the metallic shadows is not so bad, but… when we get to the matte shadows, these guys are so powdery and the payoff is just not there… in order to get more success, I used the Milk Jumbo Pencil from NYX prior make up in order to maximize the color.  However, when you are used to Anastasia Beverly Hills palette with pay off being AMAZING, it’s kind of disappointing… moreover for the price tag being higher per gram…

If someone is more into light and subtle makeup, than this palette is a must, if you are more into glam, full makeup, I would pass on this one.