Travel Make Up Essentials

Being high maintenance is tough.  In French we have this harsh expression  to describe people like me we call them poule de luxe. I am  very comfortable with what other people think of this side of me, in fact, I don’t give a ***.

The  question I get ask the most when people get to know me is: « how long does it take you to apply your makeup in the morning »

ok guys, let me put this straight, unless you suddenly have the title of: Schedule Manager, this is none of your business, but since you asked and I am always super happy to talk about makeup, let say 30 minutes.  Now, this 30 minutes is when I am home preparing for work.  On weekend it can go from 0 minutes to a full hour depending on the activity and how much I want to have fun with my stuff.  On business trips typically I will go for my regular 30 minutes, but what we are interested in right now are  vacations trips!

Hold you breath, I rarely bring makeup on leisure trips. There it is, I said it.  However, our last trip to Disney World (Orlando, FL) (WDW) which was our honeymoon, I don’t like any pictures taken.  I must add at this point that most of them were taken by professional photographers, and still, I don’t like any of them.  I look to pale, sick, tired, fat… oh yeah true, makeup can’t do anything about latest, nevermind!

Anyway, we are going to WDW again this year and I made the vow to look somewhat cute on the pictures this time.  So here we come, what should we bring.  If you are reading this because you want inspiration I will state my constraints right now:

  • I will likely travel carry-on only (liquid + space = major issue)
  • My husband : « Are you *** kidding me? You won’t apply makeup? Are you ready now? Oh Come ON! » (he can go on and on and on…)

Therefore, I need something quick (still glam) that takes little space with as less  liquids as possible.

Here is what I plan to bring, as you can see, the pouch is narrow enough to fit at the bottom of the suitcase, between the rails.

Total make up I bring for Disney, I know, it’s not enough…

On the  picture, we can see some  pencils (gray, brown and black) I might end up bringing only the black since I don’t really use eye pencil except to line my waterline from time to time, I also bring the brow wiz pen from ABH, at home I like to use the pommade, but on the go this genius saves space and has the brush integrated.  Also, we can see the 24/7 Urban Decay eye liner that I might leave behind as well, because a wing line might be too much time consuming when hubby will be ready…

I bring sample size that I got from previous purchases or those Sephora gifts.  The sample sizes I bring are the Bare Minerals Bronzer (I love it so much and it’s such a surprise!) my favorite lid primer from UD and a sample size of mascara, I think this one is the Clinique. I also have a tiny Nars concealer in my perfect match, custard.

When doing my makeup at home, I like to use cream contour, so I have these sample size of the Tarte pencil (not super fan of the color, but I am so accomodating and I compromise) and the Buxom highlighter.

As for  the most important part of the make up, I plan to bring  my Soft Glam ABH palette (this might change last minute  for the Sultry though) which gives me plenty  of possibility for natural and glam look.  I bring  the discontinued marble palette from Hourglasse because I have an ambient light powder that I will use to set my foundation, 2 blush (hello Rose Gold) and a higlighter.  This is very frugal make up, I typically want to have at least 2 choices of blushes, highlighters and complementing eye palette, BUT, this time, I try to be less high maintenance than I usually am, will see how this turns out!

Finally, we can notice on the right hand corner, a pile of sample enveloppe.  This trip, I want to downsize so much (no *** way I use the bar soap at the hotel to wash my face) I plan to bring those useless enveloppes Sephora gives us when purchasing online, I think I have enough of them to cover the entire trip.  My routine will be crazy that week, but, I will save space, I am so much into compromise, no wonder why my husband chose me…

Packing Toiletries for a Cruise

When you are excited, you start packing.


We will soon be heading to New York to board the Horizon for our second cruise.  I am beyond excited, these will be the longest vacations we have ever taken.  10 days!

Since we don’t fly to New York (we drive), I am entitled to bring as much liquid as I want, not constrained to the 3-1-1 rule and moreover, if I wanted, I could overpack like crazy!

Speaking of overpacking, I have recently traveled carry-on only for a workation in New Orleans, 10 days total.  I loved the freedom it gave me, traveling carry-on only is the best! However, we faced a little problem when we came back since we had purchased too many things.  Obviously, my husband hadn’t packed as I told him, so we had to purchase a second carry-on for our return flight.  (palm face)

Anyway, I thought I would share my excitement with you and show what I packed for my toiletries.

Wash and shave

Since I am not limited with the liquid volume, I am bringing a small face wash I got from a value pack at Sephora.  I love the Ole Henriksen face wash!  All the pictures are taken on my travel towel, which I use to dry the clothes I handwash.  Even though I know the ship will provide some of the basic toiletries one would need, I like to bring my own things.  I would like to point out that it’s not because I am high maintenance, I just love some scents and how some shampoo/conditioner make my hair so silky, some soaps are just super hydrating.  I have had experiences with hair products making my hair SO dry, that I prefer to stick with what I know.

– Lush Soap (this one smells like bubblegum, I am 12 again)
– Wonderfeel  from Ole Henriksen
– Morrocanoil Shampoo + conditioner
– Venus Razor
I love this razor because I don’t need to bring the shave foam.

– Elastic + hair clip
– Cotton swabs
– Cotton pads
– Travel clothesline
– bobby pin
– « spin » pins

face and scent

– Face cream
– Exfoliant
– Eye cream
The three listed above were purchased from a Clinique set at Sephora, I have never used these before, but I liked the small packaging (the fact that it is uber cute does no harm) and the face cream has a 20 FPS, double duty!

– Make-up Remover
– Make-up setting spay
– Face towelettes
– Mini clean perfumes
– Brush cleaner

Note the castille soap

– Earplugs
When I travel with my husband, I don’t bring those typically, but this time, our stateroom is supposed to be located under the galley (EEEEKK) so I’d rather be prepared.

– Castille soap (I handwash my clothes with this)
Castille soap is an organic product that is not supposed to leave any residue behind and highly rinsible.

– Deodorant
– Toothpaste

final result

– The travel towel is folded in the gray envelope and the PINK case contains all the toiletries.

I started to handwash my clothes during my last trip, I had to bring work clothes and leisure clothes, all of these had to fit in my carry-on.  Using the travel clothesline, I could handwash my tops in my bathroom sink with Castille soap and set the clothesline in the shower for the clothes to dry.

Before hanging the clothes, I would « pre-dry » using the travel towel.  This microfiber towel is super absorbent and helps to get out the excess of water, the drying time is then slightly shorter. Genius!  Obviously, I recommend using very light and quick dry fabric and keep in mind that this technique might not work so much if you travel to a very humid location such as Costa Rica.

Do you have any toiletries tips you like to share?  How many toiletries bags do you typically bring with you on a trip?

Week End Getaway

9-5 job and no vacation time? No problem!

The urge to travel to escape our daily routine is strong! But our bank account is weak and the number of vacation days is to its bare minimum…

That’s why they invent “weekend getaway”! A way to feel like you are on vacation (but still has to rush home on Sunday afternoon), because you still have to get to work at 8 AM on Monday morning!  Nonetheless, sometimes those short escapes are worth it, plus, they can help wait for the next statutory holiday/full week vacation.  Of course, we try to keep it low key so we can save for the “real vacations”.

We are lucky enough to have several places very nice within driving distance from our place.  One of our favorites would be Lake George, NY.  We recently purchased tickets (actually, the tickets were purchased a long time ago, but the show took place recently) for Alan Jackson show in Albany.  My husband is a huge Alan Jackson’s fan and I am a huge fan of Lake George’s outlets. So we left our place on Saturday morning and drove to Lake George, we had rent a room at the Super 8, because yes, we are conscious about hotel rooms pricing.  I find that hotel rooms around the Lake area in insanely overpriced and we typically refuse to pay a premium for a hotel room because the only thing we do is shower and sleep.  We don’t chill at the hotel if we wanted to spend time indoors or in a room, we would stay home! 

Quick TIP

We always book our hotels via, you can use whatever booking site you like, this way you can cumulate points which are frequently rewarded in free nights!

That being said, so we checked in and had lunch.  We typically go for the Barnsider (where you can have the most amazing smoked ribs you have ever had) when we are in Lake George, but we were in for something different. We stopped at the Adirondack brewery on Canada Street.  First, the exterior was very appealing and had a super cute cachet.  The inside was old-fashioned and a bit dark for my liking, but it was consistent with the general ambiance and decor.

What a cute location!

It was the best fish and chip I had in the US in a long time, but that’s just the main course, for dessert, I had the most surprising smore’s.  They actually bring you a “fire camp” on which you can prepare your own smore’s, how cool is that!? 

Nom Nom! A small fire camp to myself! Thanks hubby for the pic!

We really like the outlets you can find near the amusement park at the village entrance, these are not the biggest outlets ever, but we always find good deals.  Namely at sketchers and GAP for my little nephew!

The main reason for the trip – Alan’s show

Heading to Albany we could enjoy the show that was taking place into the arena.  The show tickets had been paid a long time before, so it was basically a “free show”, booking events long in advance can help to minimize the pressure on your budget.  The show was great, but we were too far to take good pictures. 

Quick TIP

Booking events or tickets in advance and online can sometimes save you big compared to purchasing the day-of.

Unfortunately, when went back to Lake George it was POURING RAIN and it had been pouring non-stop so we couldn’t walk our way on Canada street and by the lake and take pictures and so on. BUT, we could have breakfast at Caffe Vero, they used to be at the village entrance, beautiful location with a large free parking, now they moved to this awkward spot “downtown” no parking, tiny place, not so much visibility, I really don’t understand what motivated the move… Anyway, if you are seeking for a good coffee and you are in the area, I can’t recommend Caffe Vero enough.  They have a full menu dedicated to coffee and their pastries are to die for.  My husband always chooses something close to a mochaccino and I am always looking for something to complement my pastry choice.

Latte Art at Caffe Vero

Since it was raining so hard and the forecast couldn’t promise clear sky by the end of the morning, we had no choice but to leave Lake George before being able to take any good pictures. 

Book your hotel with a booking site
Purchase tickets (museum, show, zoo…) online in advance, sometimes you can use a coupon, sometimes you have the opportunity to purchase a combo and get a discount and sometimes you can get an early bird discount.

Do you have any travel tips you like to use and or share?

I can’t wait to tell you about our next trip, which will be a genuine vacation, see you soon!