Travel Make Up Essentials

Being high maintenance is tough.  In French we have this harsh expression  to describe people like me we call them poule de luxe. I am  very comfortable with what other people think of this side of me, in fact, I don’t give a ***.

The  question I get ask the most when people get to know me is: « how long does it take you to apply your makeup in the morning »

ok guys, let me put this straight, unless you suddenly have the title of: Schedule Manager, this is none of your business, but since you asked and I am always super happy to talk about makeup, let say 30 minutes.  Now, this 30 minutes is when I am home preparing for work.  On weekend it can go from 0 minutes to a full hour depending on the activity and how much I want to have fun with my stuff.  On business trips typically I will go for my regular 30 minutes, but what we are interested in right now are  vacations trips!

Hold you breath, I rarely bring makeup on leisure trips. There it is, I said it.  However, our last trip to Disney World (Orlando, FL) (WDW) which was our honeymoon, I don’t like any pictures taken.  I must add at this point that most of them were taken by professional photographers, and still, I don’t like any of them.  I look to pale, sick, tired, fat… oh yeah true, makeup can’t do anything about latest, nevermind!

Anyway, we are going to WDW again this year and I made the vow to look somewhat cute on the pictures this time.  So here we come, what should we bring.  If you are reading this because you want inspiration I will state my constraints right now:

  • I will likely travel carry-on only (liquid + space = major issue)
  • My husband : « Are you *** kidding me? You won’t apply makeup? Are you ready now? Oh Come ON! » (he can go on and on and on…)

Therefore, I need something quick (still glam) that takes little space with as less  liquids as possible.

Here is what I plan to bring, as you can see, the pouch is narrow enough to fit at the bottom of the suitcase, between the rails.

Total make up I bring for Disney, I know, it’s not enough…

On the  picture, we can see some  pencils (gray, brown and black) I might end up bringing only the black since I don’t really use eye pencil except to line my waterline from time to time, I also bring the brow wiz pen from ABH, at home I like to use the pommade, but on the go this genius saves space and has the brush integrated.  Also, we can see the 24/7 Urban Decay eye liner that I might leave behind as well, because a wing line might be too much time consuming when hubby will be ready…

I bring sample size that I got from previous purchases or those Sephora gifts.  The sample sizes I bring are the Bare Minerals Bronzer (I love it so much and it’s such a surprise!) my favorite lid primer from UD and a sample size of mascara, I think this one is the Clinique. I also have a tiny Nars concealer in my perfect match, custard.

When doing my makeup at home, I like to use cream contour, so I have these sample size of the Tarte pencil (not super fan of the color, but I am so accomodating and I compromise) and the Buxom highlighter.

As for  the most important part of the make up, I plan to bring  my Soft Glam ABH palette (this might change last minute  for the Sultry though) which gives me plenty  of possibility for natural and glam look.  I bring  the discontinued marble palette from Hourglasse because I have an ambient light powder that I will use to set my foundation, 2 blush (hello Rose Gold) and a higlighter.  This is very frugal make up, I typically want to have at least 2 choices of blushes, highlighters and complementing eye palette, BUT, this time, I try to be less high maintenance than I usually am, will see how this turns out!

Finally, we can notice on the right hand corner, a pile of sample enveloppe.  This trip, I want to downsize so much (no *** way I use the bar soap at the hotel to wash my face) I plan to bring those useless enveloppes Sephora gives us when purchasing online, I think I have enough of them to cover the entire trip.  My routine will be crazy that week, but, I will save space, I am so much into compromise, no wonder why my husband chose me…