Packing Toiletries for a Cruise

When you are excited, you start packing.


We will soon be heading to New York to board the Horizon for our second cruise.  I am beyond excited, these will be the longest vacations we have ever taken.  10 days!

Since we don’t fly to New York (we drive), I am entitled to bring as much liquid as I want, not constrained to the 3-1-1 rule and moreover, if I wanted, I could overpack like crazy!

Speaking of overpacking, I have recently traveled carry-on only for a workation in New Orleans, 10 days total.  I loved the freedom it gave me, traveling carry-on only is the best! However, we faced a little problem when we came back since we had purchased too many things.  Obviously, my husband hadn’t packed as I told him, so we had to purchase a second carry-on for our return flight.  (palm face)

Anyway, I thought I would share my excitement with you and show what I packed for my toiletries.

Wash and shave

Since I am not limited with the liquid volume, I am bringing a small face wash I got from a value pack at Sephora.  I love the Ole Henriksen face wash!  All the pictures are taken on my travel towel, which I use to dry the clothes I handwash.  Even though I know the ship will provide some of the basic toiletries one would need, I like to bring my own things.  I would like to point out that it’s not because I am high maintenance, I just love some scents and how some shampoo/conditioner make my hair so silky, some soaps are just super hydrating.  I have had experiences with hair products making my hair SO dry, that I prefer to stick with what I know.

– Lush Soap (this one smells like bubblegum, I am 12 again)
– Wonderfeel  from Ole Henriksen
– Morrocanoil Shampoo + conditioner
– Venus Razor
I love this razor because I don’t need to bring the shave foam.

– Elastic + hair clip
– Cotton swabs
– Cotton pads
– Travel clothesline
– bobby pin
– « spin » pins

face and scent

– Face cream
– Exfoliant
– Eye cream
The three listed above were purchased from a Clinique set at Sephora, I have never used these before, but I liked the small packaging (the fact that it is uber cute does no harm) and the face cream has a 20 FPS, double duty!

– Make-up Remover
– Make-up setting spay
– Face towelettes
– Mini clean perfumes
– Brush cleaner

Note the castille soap

– Earplugs
When I travel with my husband, I don’t bring those typically, but this time, our stateroom is supposed to be located under the galley (EEEEKK) so I’d rather be prepared.

– Castille soap (I handwash my clothes with this)
Castille soap is an organic product that is not supposed to leave any residue behind and highly rinsible.

– Deodorant
– Toothpaste

final result

– The travel towel is folded in the gray envelope and the PINK case contains all the toiletries.

I started to handwash my clothes during my last trip, I had to bring work clothes and leisure clothes, all of these had to fit in my carry-on.  Using the travel clothesline, I could handwash my tops in my bathroom sink with Castille soap and set the clothesline in the shower for the clothes to dry.

Before hanging the clothes, I would « pre-dry » using the travel towel.  This microfiber towel is super absorbent and helps to get out the excess of water, the drying time is then slightly shorter. Genius!  Obviously, I recommend using very light and quick dry fabric and keep in mind that this technique might not work so much if you travel to a very humid location such as Costa Rica.

Do you have any toiletries tips you like to share?  How many toiletries bags do you typically bring with you on a trip?

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