Visiting Old San Juan


It was such a pleasure to discover the inspiration and the vibe Luis Fonsi tries to evoke in his summer success! Of course, since my husband cannot hear Despacito without swearing and invoke Satan to burn down the radio, I kept this information till we left the port!

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New York Port and days at sea

Here we are! 2 weeks ago was the official beginning of our first 2 weeks vacations! We had never taken more than 1 week vacation at a time, so you can imagine how excited we were (to be honest , I was the one excited, my husband was more or less following the vibe) to be off for 2 full weeks!

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Minimal makeup for the Fashionista

Our next trip is just around the corner and I am burst with excitement!  This will our second cruise, therefore, I am no expert, but we have been on so many trips, that I am pretty sure I know what I am talking about.

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When you are excited, you start packing.


We will soon be heading to New York to board the Horizon for our second cruise.  I am beyond excited, these will be the longest vacations we have ever taken.  10 days!

Since we don’t fly to New York, I am entitled to bring as much liquid as I want, not constrained to the 3-1-1 rule and moreover, if I wanted, I could overpack like crazy!

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Week End Getaway
9-5 job and no vacation time? No problem!

The urge to travel and escape the daily routine is strong! But the bank account is weak and the number of vacation days is to its bare minimum… that’s why they invent “weekend getaway”! A way to feel like you are on vacation and rush home on the Sunday afternoon, because you still have to get to work at 8 AM on Monday morning!  

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